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Angiomas or Blood Spots

  1. Red spots/Angioma are clusters of small capillaries at the surface of the skin, forming a small dome (papule). They range in colour from a bright red to a deep purple.
  2. These are comannly found of the face, trunk of the body and legs

Pre – Treatment

  1. Depending on the size of angiomas, 1 – 3 laser treatments may be necessary.
  2. Treatments should be carried out 6 – 12 weeks apart.

Post – Treatment

  1. The treated area will feel very warm;
  2. There will be a small bruise which is only the exact size of the angioma that is been removed. No bruising to the adjacent tissue;
  3. Where the angioma has been removed the area can be very itchy for approximately 1hr. Pat the skin lightly where the itch is;
  4. Apply ice packs to the area throughout the course of the day;
  5. A cool/warm shower can be taken but no hot baths or saunas for +/- 3 days;
  6. It is advised not to do any physical exercise post laser treatment for 1 – 3 days;
  7. It could be 8 – 12 weeks before you see a result. This depends on how big or deep the blood vessels were;
  8. No sun exposure to the treated area, please wear sunscreen.

How the treatment works

The laser uses a light beam which is pulsed onto the angioma in order to seal them off, and the body to dissolve and absorb them. Often the angioma or blood spot will go very dark, form a small scab and fall off.